Curlicue Designs Calligraphy

Hand Lettering & Design

Please contact us with details of your project for a more detailed quote.  


Outer Envelope  **

Inner Envelope 

Return address 

RSVP Envelope

Custom Ink Color - white / metallic / color matching

Place Cards (Name only) 

Escort Cards (Name and Table number)

Table Numbers    

Additional signage

Chalkboard Art

Invitation Design

Menu Design

Monogram Design

Stuff, Stamp, Mail Service

Calligraphy Return Address Stamp

Custom Artwork

On-site events

Starting at $4.75 / $5.00 for opaque or lined envelopes

Starting at $2.00 base price per line

$3.00 / $3.25 for opaque or lined envelopes

$3.50 / $3.75 for opaque or lined envelopes

$25.00 mixing fee

 Starting at $2.50 

 Starting at $2.50 add $0.75 per additional name

 Starting at $7.50

Varies; please inquire

 Varies; please inquire

 Starting at $350.00

 Starting at $85.00

 Starting at $100.00

 Billed hourly, please inquire

 $50.00 - $70.00

 Please Inquire

Billed hourly, please inquire


*Please note:  minimum 10% extra envelopes / escort cards are needed for every order. Any unused materials will be returned to you at your request.   

**Unusual / Unique materials are subject to an additional fee.

***Up to 4 lines; longer addresses please add an additional $0.50. Zip codes on a separate line do not count as a separate line.

Please view our Ordering Guidelines HERE.