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As a child, my penmanship was awful - so awful, in fact, that it got me extra summer homework. It was during that summer of extra practice worksheets that I begrudgingly discovered a hidden talent for scripting and penmanship.

My love for calligraphy turned into a full-fledged passion after gazing longingly at images of beautiful hand-addressed invitations when I was planning my own wedding.

I started Curlicue Designs in 2010 at the encouragement of friends and family whose invitations, escort cards, certificates and documents I had penned.

Based in downtown SF, I've had the honor and pleasure of helping clients add some old school, hand-crafted elegance in new and modern ways.

When I'm not at my desk scripting, you can find me in the kitchen baking macarons.  My obsession for these precious little confections began on my last trip to Paris. I can honestly say I've baked THOUSANDS of them in my quest to perfect the recipe.

My newest diversion is testing out new beauty finds and writing about them on my blog, The Beauty Base Zero Project.  I can add "product junkie" to my list of attributes.

Whether I'm wielding a pen, a spatula or a makeup brush, my personal motto is: Pretty is what I do.