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As a child, my penmanship was awful - so awful, in fact, that it got me extra summer homework. It was during that summer of extra practice worksheets that I begrudgingly discovered a hidden talent for scripting and penmanship.

My love for calligraphy turned into a full-fledged passion after gazing longingly at images of beautiful hand-addressed invitations when I was planning my own wedding. I bought a book and some supplies and struggled. After signing up for my first class at the Society of Scribes, I was hooked.

I started Curlicue Designs in 2011 at the encouragement of friends and family whose invitations, escort cards, certificates and documents I had penned.

Based in New York City, I've had the honor of helping clients add some old school, hand-crafted elegance in new and modern ways. Through the years, I've helped hundreds of brides with their wedding stationery and had the privilege of working with many brands with their events. 

Since 2011, I've been a proud member of IAMPETH, the International Association of Master Penmen and Teachers of Handwriting and have studied with some of the most talented and inspiring calligraphers in the world including:


Pat Blair, Chief White House Calligrapher and Master Penman

Rosemary Buczek, Master Penman

Barbara Calzolari, Master Penman

Harvest Crittenden, Master Penman

Heather Held, Master Penman

Michael Sull, Master Penman

Sheila Waters, Fellow of the Society of Scribes & Illuminators

Julian Waters